To all my amazing followers and supporters –

I just wanted to give you all a quick update after my exhilarating experiences in LA and recording my next album. Big changes coming! You will see that my weekly gig schedule will be sparse, this is due in part to The Modern discontinuing poolside music, but mostly due to my shift in career focus to more private events, writing, and creating as an artist. I am currently working with some amazing people in LA finishing my album of original music, writing house tracks for my dear friend DJ Vice, creating/filming/editing Vlogs for YouTube, writing short stories, writing screen plays, writing vows with my bridal couples, and being a Mom. So stay tuned for some really fun and creative things!

My YouTube Channels are: (for musical enjoyment) (if you have a funny bone)


Manifest Chinatown Thursdays 7-9p with Various Artists

Tikis Saturday 10p-12a with Various Artists

Bevy Wednesday 8-10p with Various Artists

Hulas Tuesday 6-9p with GJ

The Deadbeats

Make ’em Smile

The Wedding Cafe